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  • There are 150 million monthly active users on Twitch, the largest live video stream platform.

  • Fundraisers have raised over $100 million on Twitch since 2012.

  • The average age of a livestream donor is 27 years old, and most participants are Millennial or Gen Z  generation.

  • Livestream fundraising is a strategic opportunity for nonprofits to scale a new, innovative giving program that appeals to the next generations of donors.

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Deploy your own Livestream Fundraising program. Get started today.

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Market statistics, how to get started, recruiting your own livestream fundraisers, livestream fundraising software, and examples of leading nonprofit livestream fundraising programs.


35 pages


1. Overview of Livestreaming

2. Livestream Market Size

3. Benefits of Livestreaming

4. Overview of Livestream Fundraising

5. Advantages of Livestream Fundraising

6. Livestream Fundraising Market

7. How to Build a Livestream Fundraising Program

8. Best Practices for LIvestream Fundraising

9. Tips on Recruiting Fundraisers

10. LIvestream Fundraising Software

11. Nonprofit Industry Leaders in Livestream Fundraising

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