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We are expanding our team and looking for writer/journalists with experience in the charitable sector. Specifically, we have part-time roles for writers or journalists with strong experience and a passion for the following categories:

  • Nonprofit advocacy/activism
  • Nonprofit emerging technology (mission/services)
  • Nonprofit fundraising
  • Nonprofit marketing & communications


For each category above, we are seeking the following.


**This is a part-time role: 36 hours per month**

**Independent contractors preferred**

You own the news category for COHORT3 and you are principally responsible for the success of the category enewsletter called <ALL THINGS> Category.

Click here for a recent edition of an <ALL THINGS> enewsletter.

In your role:

  • You work on the category newsletter in the role of lead writer.
  • You leverage your deep category subject matter expertise as you smart scan the news of the day, critically evaluating and selecting the most valuable and important stories for your category audience.
  • You write, assemble and publish the selected stories for your category into your newsfeed style enewsletter.
  • You leverage your networks, and those of COHORT3 to assemble and promote the featured stories of the day on social media.
  • You actively assist in growing the subscriber base for your newsletter category.
  • You constantly test and evaluate every dimension of your newsletter and curated content to increase the value of your newsletter for your category audience.


 You are an active participant in your category sector, know the key players, and you are tuned into current themes, trends, and stories in the sector. You constantly scan the sector news to stay current, you circulate n the sector's important professional circles, and you are immensely passionate about your work in the sector.

  • You are a writer or journalist with 5+ years solid experience with a notable organization or news outlet in your sector, and exemplary work that you can readily share.
  • You are an original thinker, entrepreneurial and find you must be constantly learning.
  • You have tenacity, and enjoy working in a small startup environment.
  • You work well independently, and you are self-motivated and driven by the passion for your work.
  • You are experienced with and enjoy working to a daily deadline, and you are very good at managing your time to meet the deadline.
  • 4-year degree preferred.


COHORT3 is a for-profit media/analysis firm serving the charitable sector with research, analysis and reporting. Nonprofit professionals rely on COHORT3 for professionally researched, broadly sourced, and meticulously curated real-time news tuned specifically for their role. The <ALL THINGS> newsletters package the critical news of the day for each category in a newsfeed style enewsletter, delivered via email and consumable in 2-3 minutes. The newsletters, delivered 2 to 5 times a week,  consistently experience 35% open rates. 

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