Q: Are you a for-profit company or a nonprofit?

COHORT3 is a for-profit company.

Q: COHORT3 is a research and advisory services company. What is that?

The research and advisory services business model is based on assembling top-notch fundraising research and expertise and delivering that 'intelligence" to nonprofit fundraisers to turn it into better fundraising programs and faster revenue growth. The COHORT3 analysts are the source of the fundraising expertise, and they are all world-class fundraisers who each specialize in a particular category. Collectively, the analysts deliver a broad range of deep expertise that is objective and crafted from the fundraisers perspective. Companies like COHORT3 also are sometimes called intelligence firms.

Q: What fundraising categories do your analysts cover?

Our analysts work in four areas:

  • Fundraising Programs: The Programs Practice delivers the latest in innovative fundraising programs, and profiles the best practices that drive new revenue growth. 
  • Data & Technology: This team advises fundraisers on the strategy and requirements for a modern, integrated, scalable fundraising technology stack.
  • Audience & Experience: This practice drives the audience definition and front-line experience required for a world-class donor-centered fundraising program.
  • Organization: The organization team helps fundraisers to get the people and organization centered on the donor, eliminating silos and addressing the operating model, governance, new capabilities, and the associated KPIs.


Q: Are there research and advisory services companies in the commercial sector?

Yes. Gartner, Forrester, and IDC are well-known and successful, large research and advisory services companies in the commercial sector. These firms focus on marketing technology across many verticals. They do not cover the nonprofit sector, nor do they offer services tuned for the nonprofit fundraiser.

Q: Are there other research and advisory services companies in the nonprofit sector?

No, not that we are aware of at this time. We started COHORT3 because we believe the service should be available to charitable organization, but it didn't exist. It delivers tremendous value to individual organizations, and to the industry as a whole by fundamentally accelerating the pace of innovation, investment and growth within the sector. 

Q: Which audience benefits most from the COHORT3 services?

The service is valuable for nonprofit fundraisers and their technology peers within mission-driven organizations. The research, reports, and advisory services are right for executive fundraisers along with their reporting leaders who drive the essential programs and services for individual giving.

Q: How do you help nonprofit fundraisers?

Our 'value transfer' service assembles and packages world-class fundraising intelligence - research and expertise, and delivers it to professional fundraisers. The intelligence and advisory services span strategy-to-execution, including the following:

  • Build Vision: Benchmark your programs, identify your gaps, formulate the strategy.
  • Socialize Change: Construct the business case, and gain approval via executive and board level review.
  • Select Technology: Discover, and evaluate qualified technology and service providers,  and structure and negotiate vendor partnership agreements.
  • Execute: Identify critical capability gaps, adapt organization structure, train operational teams, and craft practical, realistic project plans

Q: How are you different from a fundraising agency?

COHORT3 has a broader mission than fundraising agencies. We operate as a hub for nonprofits and vendors (technology and service providers) intermediating between the various players within the fundraising ecosystem to drive growth. 

More specifically, COHORT3 is different from traditional fundraising agencies in several ways:

  • Comprehensive Intelligence: We cover all of the critical categories essential to successful, high-growth fundraising at nonprofits. Most agencies are specialized in one or several specific categories.
  • No Program Management: COHORT3 does not provide services to nonprofits for on-going fundraising program management. Most fundraising agencies accrue the bulk of their revenue and profit from the day-to-day delivery of the fundraising program to donors.
  • Research as Critical Differentiator: COHORT3 strongly emphasizes original market research and market data-driven analysis in our core offering. Market research for fundraising agencies is most commonly used for thought leadership reporting and prospecting.
  • Single Fee for Unlimited Access: COHORT3's pricing model is quite different from the agency model - we operate on a subscription model - one annual fee for unlimited access to our research, reports, and advisory services. Fundraising agencies are fee-for-service with escalating fees as service grows.

Q: Do you compete with fundraising, creative, or analytics agencies?

No, we don't compete with the various agencies in the nonprofit sector. For the most part, we help connect nonprofits with these agencies in multiple ways: our Vendor Ranking Reports which identify and rank vendors (software and services), our Breaking Products Briefs delivering timely updates on new products and services for fundraisers, and others. We strive to maintain strong relationships with all the important vendors that are valuable for fundraisers, and invite agencies to contact us at any time for an analyst briefing to familiarize us with their company and services.