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When you register, you’ll get access to the learning resources you need to complete the DX2.0 Certification, as follows:

  • Email. Weekly email series featuring essential nuggets highlighting the key concepts of DX2.0. Useful as a serial stream easily consumed on the fly for busy nonprofit marketing and fundraising professionals.

  • Reports. The full story for each topic presented in COHORT3’s easy-to-read report style. Great for professionals who have the quiet time to sit, read, and digest the material for maximum comprehension.

  • Webinars. Weekly 1-hour live or on-demand multi-presenter, web-based presentations of the high points for each topic. Best for professionals looking to get the gist and move on.

  • Live Stream Sessions. An office-hours style live session, streamed online - composed of a 1-hour, highly interactive Q&A on each DX2.0 topic. Ideal for users looking to clarify and extend their understanding of each DX2.0 training module.

  • On-demand Video Training. A mobile-friendly, on-demand, online learning experience delivering DX2.0 content via instructor-narrated video learning modules with paired quizzes to test comprehension. Qualifying students can gain certification in DX development through this series.

  • Classroom Training. Similar to the on-demand training except it is presented to a participant group who tackle the learning modules as a class over a prescribed ‘semester’ period. The experience includes a dedicated instructor, student online discussion group, and office hours for independent student-instructor time.


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