RESEARCH REPORT: 2019 Modern Donor Contours Report


COHORT3’s proprietary, ground-breaking consumer research describes for the first time, the intricate details of the consumer’s experience as a first-time donor, across four consumer generations: Silent, Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Millennials.

What We Found: There is a radical shift in donor behavior among the Modern Donors - the three younger generations - Boomers. Generation X, and Millennials. They have seized control of the giving process. Compared to their Silent Generation peers, Modern Donors are more active within the experience, they leverage more channels, and more online channels, and they drive the fundraising process. They don’t prioritize their personal networks - online and offline - along with 3rd parties and their preferred charity’s own resources. They operate on their own timeline, in their preferred channels, and according to their journey stages and sequencing.