"This groundbreaking research provides the critical insights into the mind of the Modern Donor"


The 2018 MODERN DONOR CONTOURS RESEARCH: The Donor Has Seized Control of the Giving Process

There is a radical shift in giving behavior among the Modern Donors - Baby Boomers, GenX, and Millennials. Compared to the Silent Generation, the Modern Donors are more active, and they are driving the giving process. They eschew traditional outbound promotion like direct mail, and operate on their timeline, in their preferred channels, and according to their journey stages and sequencing. 

Just 9% of Modern Donors cite the organization's marketing as the reason they decided to give.

The report delivers the unique insights for fundraisers into the mind of the Modern Donor , and how to transform your individual giving program accordingly.

You will learn:

  • The 6 Donor Journey Stages of the Modern Donor

  • The 7 Topline Insights Defining the Modern Donor

  • The 5 Major Steps to Transform Your Individual Giving Program


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JEFF PATRICK is the CEO and Founder at COHORT3. Jeff brings 20+ years experience driving individual giving programs at some of the largest nonprofits in the industry. He is a recognized industry expert, speaker, writer and thought leader on modern direct marketing fundraising. 


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