Bootcamp: introduction to Livestream fundraising

Join us for a half-day, hands-on course to learn everything you need to get started today with a livestream fundraising program at your organization.


Why is livestream fundraising important today?

  • There are 150 million monthly active users on Twitch, the largest live video stream platform.

  • Fundraisers have raised over $100 million on Twitch to date.

  • The average age of a livestream donor is 27 years old, and most participants are Millennial or Gen Z  generation.

  • Livestream fundraising is a strategic opportunity for nonprofits to scale a new, innovative giving program that appeals to the next generations of donors.

What will I learn in the course?

In one 4-hour session, you’ll answer these questions:

  • What is livestream broadcasting? What is livestream fundraising?

  • How do I build my own livestream fundraising program?

  • What are the best practices for maximizing revenue from my livestream fundraising program?

  • How do I recruit livestream broadcasters to fundraise for my organization?

  • How do industry leading nonprofits like Children’s Miracle Network, Save the Children, and Direct Relief raise millions of dollars each year via livestream fundraising?

  • What software should I use to manage my livestream fundraising program?

Register today

Register today* and get a free copy of the eBook: The Practical Guide to Livestream Fundraising.

Fee: $99.00 per person

Start Time: 1 PM (local time) / Duration: 4 hours

  • VIRTUAL (Attend online session from your location) Wednesday November 28, 2018 REGISTER

  • NEW YORK CITY Wednesday, November December 5, 2018 REGISTER

  • WASHINGTON DC Wednesday, January 9, 2019 REGISTER

  • BOSTON Thursday, January 10, 2019 REGISTER

  • SAN FRANCISCO Wednesday January 16, 2019 REGISTER

  • VIRTUAL (Attend online session from anywhere) Wednesday January 23, 2019 REGISTER

*Minimum class size required.

Bootcamp attendees receive a free copy of the eBook: A Practical Guide to Livestream Fundraising.

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Deploy your own Livestream Fundraising program. Get started today.


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