NBC News expands its Snapchat show, "Stay Tuned," to other social platforms

The twice-daily news show originally developed exclusively for Snapchat, is growing accounts on Instagram (paired with Instagram Stories), YouTube, and TikTok. The show's Snapchat channel averages 25M-35M unique visitors per month, and 25% to 35% of these viewers watch NBC News on other digital platforms. Approximately 75% of its Snapchat audience is under 25, and 90% is under 34. On TikTok, the team uses one story of the day, reduces it to the platform's 15-second format, and adds sound effects to help it match TikTok's lip-synching, musically focused culture. Views of the daily news story on TikTok range from hundreds of thousands to "low" millions of views. Digiday