Instagram announces new features to help users reclaim accounts seized by hackers

The two new features prevent hackers from seizing Instagram accounts and holding them for ransom. Hackers target high profile influencers, threatening to delete their account or sell it off to the highest bidder. Hackers change the user's email and phone number which until now would prevent the original owner from retrieving control of their account. With the first update, when a user has problems logging in, Instagram offers to send a six-digit code to the original device used to create the account and removes all other devices. This kicks off hackers operating on their own devices. The second feature, previously released on Android, is now rolling out on iOS and is for popular Instagram handles.  When the username changes, the account is locked for a period of time before someone else can take it. This prevents hackers from quickly selling off seized accounts, giving the original owner time to reclaim the account. C|net