Chinese face-swapping app goes viral using deepfake digital video technology

Chinese face-swapping app goes viral using deepfake digital photo technology. The app, called Zao, produced by social media platform developer, Momo Inc., renders a user’s face onto a celebrity’s with uncanny effectiveness using AI-powered deepfake technology. Launched this past Friday, the app is #1 on the iOS app store in China. Users upload a photo or take several selfies while in the app, and Zao drops the user’s face onto celebrities within eight seconds. For example, one user showed their face blended into Leonardo DiCaprio’s in scenes from Titanic, and Romeo and Juliet. Aside from celebrity branding and film copyright issues, and worries over deepfake video used for nefarious schemes, the app stirred considerable concern over a Chinese app (e.g. Chinese government) collecting pictures of tens of millions of citizens. The app has since adjusted its terms of service to note that user photos will be used uniquely for rendering video within the app. Mashable