Digital "clothes" are gaining momentum on Instagram

Digital "clothes" are gaining momentum on Instagram. Scandinavian hip fashion retailer Carlings markets digital clothes starting at 10 euros (~$9 US) for a headband up to 30 euros for a long oversized shiny nylon puffy overlaid with computer code. The clothes are strongly inspired by “skins” that players purchase in video games (worth an estimated $1B to gaming leader and maker of Fortnite), and social media filters (ex. aging, gender swap, AR lenses with bunny ears). The clothes are never made in the real world, rather customers upload a selfie and the retailer’s custom software “dresses” them in the digital clothes. They share their digital fashionware via social media, especially Instagram Other companies are marketing fully virtual digital characters sporting their fashion, and of course, there are now several fully synthetic human-realistic characters gaining major social media following and pitching fashion as a paid influencer. CNBC