Report shows cyberbullying is on the rise, especially among girls

Report shows cyberbullying continues to rise, especially among girls. The U.S. Dept of Education research shows that three times more girls report being cyberbullied (via text or social media) than boys. About 21% of girls report being bullied online compared to just 7% of boys. One in five students - of both genders - reported being bullied, which is unchanged from the prior survey completed in 2014-2015. But, over the last two years, the number of reported cyberbullying incidents increased from 11.5% to 15.3%. Kids are getting harassed online more frequently. There are laws in two states meant to address cyberbullying, schools are enforcing anti-bullying policies, dedicated nonprofits are going into schools to educate kids, and the social platforms are deploying anti-bullying features - the latest by Instagram that evaluates user updates before posting and asks users “Are you sure you want to post this?” if it’s machine learning algorithms spot abusive content. USA Today