Opinion: Pinterest is quietly taking on Instagram

Opinion: Pinterest is quietly taking on Instagram. The Motley Fool’s Leo Sun contends that Pinterest and Instagram started from very different places but that both of them are headed for similar advertising and e-commerce business models. Pinterest started as a place to pin favorite products and ideas to interest boards while Instagram let users share curated photos via mobile. But, both currently rely primarily on significant advertising streams, and each is pursuing a “social shopping network” model. Instagram introduced shoppable posts and an in-app checkout feature, which renders it into an e-commerce site especially valuable for new product discovery. Pinterest added dedicated video features to better show off products, scheduling tools for pins, and shopping features including current prices, links to retail websites, pins for full retail catalogs, and automated product recommendations. Finally, one interesting research stat: Just 10% of Instagram users say they use the app to find or shop for products, compared to 48% for Pinterest. Motley Fool