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Tuesday August 7 2018

Classy's Top 100 fastest growing nonprofits released today.

Classy's Top 100 fastest growing nonprofits released today.


In today's edition of <ALL THINGS> Software, Classy releases Top 100 fastest growing nonprofits. Among the Top 10 organizations annual revenue growth rates of 300%-400% were common, typically from organizations with 50 employees or less. There were 3 disaster relief, 2 poverty & hunger, 1 health, 1 faith-based, and 2 education groups among the Top 10. The slowest growth organization still had ~+37% annual growth. Roughly one-half of the Top 100 are organizations with 0 to 25 employees, with the next largest category nonprofits with 101+ employees among whom Trust for Public Land (160%), Samaritan's Purse (+175%) and Teach for America (+300%) showed very large growth considering their size. The four common growth trends shared by fast growth organizations were refining existing tactics, trying new campaign types, expanding geographic donor network, and grow the recurring donor base.


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