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Thursday august 16 2018

Adam Martel, CEO at Gravyty

Adam Martel, CEO at Gravyty


In today's edition of <ALL THINGS> Software: 

Gravyty introduces Stewardship an AI-driven solution to automate the personalized stewardship of mid- and major donors via auto-generated smart thank you emails . The software monitors the organization's CRM for new gifts, and automatically triggers a thank you email to the frontline fundraiser who secured the gift. Stewardship uses natural language generation to write the email, in a style that matches the fundraisers, and incorporates predicted next steps for the donor The message includes the donor's giving history, compares current to past gifts and suggests appropriate language, and cues up copy for stewarding to next giving levels. Stewardship joins the existing products First Draft, Gravyty Guide, and Gravyty Go! which use AI to personalize and automate contact with donors. Press Release


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