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Wednesday August 15 2018

Social media child safety company Bosco's app

Social media child safety company Bosco's app


In today's edition of ALL THINGS Social Media:

A short-list of startups that are tackling the privacy and safety issues for kids on social media. Startup  company Sentry monitors text messages sent by kids via the major social platforms and standard SMS, see every photo on the smartphone, tracks which apps are opened, monitor call history and update parents on a child's location based on geolocation. Bosco screens calls on a child's phone to detect mood changes, a technique that has proven successful to identify, for example, when kids are experiencing cyber-bullying. Keepers reads a child's social media and SMS texts, scans for worrisome words using AI), and reports concerning situations to parents. Cyberfish identifies suspicious phishing scams that show up in emails - and blocks them in real-time saving kids (and adults) from revealing logon credentials and other scams. Israel21C


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