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We're committed to helping you grow faster. From hiring the best analysts to developing specific, actionable donor-centric fundraising programs for our clients, everything we do at COHORT3 is centered on helping you to grow.

We ensure that our partnership is valuable for our clients by adhering to the following tenets :

Deep Expertise: Our analysts are the best fundraisers in the nation, combining strategic capabilities with real-world practical experience who've delivered innovative, complex, large fundraising programs, and the technology that supports it. They serve up deep expertise in their area(s) of specialization, and make sure that it is state-of-art.

Critical Coverage: We prioritize our analysis, reporting and services on the critical issues for today's fundraisers. That includes the crucial elements defining donor-centric fundraising, along with voice of the donor, vendors, and practical direction on trends and innovation. 

Clear Communication: While the underlying research areas we cover are complex, multi-disciplinary, and continuously evolving, our reporting and advice is clear, free of jargon, and oriented to action, and practical growth. We speak the language of fundraisers.  

Operational Success: We are committed to your operational success. The right concepts, delivered with a proven change management methodology that translates to real value and growth, complemented with training to equip your team with the right skills and expertise for success. 

Objective POV: Our analysis and recommendations are objective. Our clients use our research, leverage our advice, and accelerate program growth knowing that they can trust our analysts to be impartial, equitable, and above-board. No hidden agendas, only sincere and informed information.

Innovation: We believe that innovation is at the heart of growth for nonprofits. Our analysts continuouslyidentify and track the strategic program and technological innovations impacting fundraisers, and we're committed to making it straight-forward for our clients to benefit from innovation. We help you to make the right investment choices for your organization, in today's fundraising climate, and given your specific goals and context.

Data-Driven Insights: Our recommendations are data-driven via original research and analysis. As the charitable sector and the donors who support it evolve, we maintain a lens on the sector, overlaying our observations with fundraising subject matter expertise, to produce strategic recommendations and playbooks. That translates to state-of-the-art fundraising programs for our nonprofit clients.

These principles help COHORT3 to deliver change and growth to leading nonprofits in the United States.

If you want to learn more about how COHORT3 can help your fundraising organization, please contact us today.



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Ed is an active contributor and adviser to COHORT3, bringing over 17 years of experience delivering research-driven strategic consulting to research and advisory service companies like Gartner, Forrester,  IDC and others. His blend of deep research and analysis expertise, strategic thinking and practical know-how is invaluable to COHORT3 and our mission to drive innovation across the nonprofit sector through our research and insights for fundrasiers and their technology peers.



ceo & founder    charitysprout

Dan is widely recognized for his small business, nonprofit, and socially responsible leadership. His professional experience includes the  innovative new company CharitySprout, his executive role at fundraising agency Mal Warwick | Donor Digital, and hands-on leadership at Alzheimer's Association and The Leadership Foundation. Dan's deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and strategic business experience and guidance makes him a valued adviser to COHORT3. 

Keith Heller.png


cHIEF STRATEGIST & FOUNDER   heller consulting

For 20+ years, Keith and his team have helped over 1500 organizations to get more value from fundraising technology. Under his stewardship, Heller Consulting has grown to one of the largest technology consulting groups in the industry. He is a recognized thought leader in the nonprofit technology community, and a regular industry speaker and author. Keith's unique grasp of technology and fundraising strategy provides essential guidance in his advisory role with COHORT3. 

Geeth Murali.png


CEO   room to read

As CEO, Geetha oversees Room to Read's global operations, including programmatic work in 15 low-income countries, a global network of investors and volunteer chapters, and a world-wide staff of more than 1,500 employees. Her prior 5-year tenure as the Chief Development Officer at Room to Read was highlighted by major wins with institutional and cause-marketing partnerships, launch of legacy giving and multi-currency crowdfunding programs, and several significant public/private partnerships. Geetha's work as a COHORT3 adviser injects the crucial nonprofit point of view into our strategic vision and planning. 

Hilary Noon.png



Hillary has more than 20 years experience consulting with and within some of the largest nonprofit brands in the industry including American Cancer Society, Smithsonian Institute,  National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, Girl Scout USA, and others. Her broad fundraising experience and unique expertise on donor experience driven fundraising is helping to shape the next generation of world-class giving programs.  She brings a valued combination of the fundraising agency and nonprofit perspective to her important advisory work at COHORT3.

Craig Rosenberg.png



Craig is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and currently leads his latest startup, TOPO in their research and advisory services work with sales teams at some of the fastest-growing brands in the B2B marketing sector, including LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Twilio, Salesforce, and others. Craig's deep startup expertise and experience, and his unique guidance on COHORT3's mission to bring the research and advisory services business model to the charitable sector are appreciated deeply by the COHORT3 leadership team.